The Greater Arizona 2019-2020 Scholarship Application will be available March 1st 2019 and will be submitted through the TADS portal linked below:

Click here to apply at



          Please create a TADS account if you have not already done so.

A complete application for the low-income corporate scholarship will require:

·         Proof of income level: could include a W-2, bank deposit statement, paycheck, fixed-income/retirement check, welfare/spousal support check, or personal use income check (for foster children)

A complete application for the disabled/displaced will include proof of income level and one of the following:

·         MET or IEP from an Arizona public school (for preschool and grades K-12); OR

·         504 plan from an Arizona public school (for grades K-12 only); OR

·         Verification from the Arizona Department of Economic Security that the student was placed at one time in the Arizona foster care system